To be great is not enough; be the greatest target.
Gökay tourism was founded in 2008 by KADİR GÖKAY. Since the year it was established, the student has become active today in the sectors of personnel, sightseeing and tour transportation.

Our company has been aiming to give you a good service since its establishment in the field of transportation. Our company is on its way with the slogan "For a safe, high quality and comfortable journey".

Success; It is a flag run.
Quality; is a global reference.
Time; it is important to us.

We do not define boundaries in transportation ...

our vision:
Being in the power and determination to carry on top of the international arena as a brand symbol of transport with the courage to feed an entrepreneurial soul.

Our mission:
To reach our goals without ever compromising our quality from our ethical principles, adhering to our vision and open to innovations.

our goal:
To be the symbol of your reputation. The more the roots descend, the larger the vision.